Dropping Values From Pipeline


When I invoke BAPI_SALESORDER_GETSTATUS USing BC, I get a record list of STATUSINFO in the pipeline out. A record in the record list contains several values. I want just a couple of values. If I drop some values from a record in the pipeline, yet in the result I get all the values in output when i run the service. Is there any particualr way of doing this.

Please help.


I am curious as to how you are dropping the values of each record in this record list. Are you doing this in a loop or right after the BAPI call? Could you elaborate on your steps?

I think that if you needed only a subset of the values in each record of this record list, I think that you would have to loop through each record and map what you need out to a new recordlist and drop the original one. The new recordlist will replace the original one, without the fields that you do not need.

There’s probably other ways to do this but this is what I would do.