Dropdown - Get other properties from selected item

Hi experts,

I have an webservice that returns a list of objects like this:


  • Id
  • Name
  • someBoolean
  • someString

In my project, I’ve created a "Group of Options"provider (BoundPropertiesSelectItemGroupProvider) as source for a dropdown in my view.

My requirement is that when the dropdown value changes, I do some logic based on someBoolean and someString values for selected item on the dropdown. However, the provider just gives me label(Name) and Value (Id) from my source objects. I couldn`t find a way to get any other properties.

How can I accomplish this?

Thanks in advance,



I am not getting clear idea about you problem.
Are you consuming ws in your CAF project to populate drop-down list or after depending on drop-down list selection you are calling your ws.
Are you not getting sufficient properties for drop-down?

If possible you can share the sample project.

Baharul Islam