Drop Down Box on UNIX

I am trying to create a nice Map for our new application running on UNIX. I need a drop down box for the user to choose an item.
I am trying to create something similar to what we have on UNIX in the natparm utility.
Everything is working except of one thing - initially the first item displayed in ‘reverse video’ color, and I want ‘reverse video’ mode to move along with cursor and can not figure out how.
Any ideas? may be someone already implemented something similar?

I appreciate any help.


Hi Yelena;

Not being familiar with Natural on the Unix means asking:

Do you really mean “Map” as from an Input statement, or is this a Selection Box?


p.s. you might get more response from the “open systems” thread


Selection box is what I need, but it did not seem to be working so I switched to the regular map, just sized it to look like selection box.
I got an impression that selection box would work only in GUI. Am I wrong?


Selection Boxes work on the mainframe; they are actually somewhat unnecessary on the PC if you are using a GUI interface.



when the screen comes up you should see a “v” to the right of where #A is. Tab there. Enter a ? and hit enter (or hit a PF key that is equated to help). You should see the list of values.

If not, this option might not run under Unix (or, the version of Unix Natural you are running).