Doubts about Universal Messaging Enterprise

Hi everybody!

We are having some issues with our Universal Messaging 10.3.

We created some services with Software AG Designer 10.3 that invoke the “Publish” method that publishes some documents that are sent to Universal Messaging to process it to another service.

But, for some reason, something happen that makes these published documents can’t be processed by our Universal Messaging. It stucks on “outstanding” when we check the service using the UniversalMessaging Enterprise Viewer .

The only solution that “fix” this is clicking on service and then clicking on “Purge all Events”. This causes future events to be processed correctly.

But, does exists another way to solve this type of problem instead of purging all events?

Another question is:
Does exists a way to warn via email if one of our services got stuck events?

Thanks in advance


What a interesting issue you seem to have.

Normally if events are held in Outstanding it means they have not been subscribed to, I would suggest restarting the trigger to see what happens as it sounds like something strange with the consumer not being connected. You can also in Enterprise Manager go to the durable and click on the connections to see if something is connected to it.

Let me know if that is fruitful else we may need to raise a support ticket so we can help refine the issue.

WRT the other question I would suggest raising that in the Integration Server Forum


Hello Joshua.

Thank you so much for your reply. It was very fruitful! I would like to provide more information as you requested.

First, I would like to ask: How can I restart a trigger? In Software AG Designer 10.3 I didn’t find any option to restart one of the triggers that have outstanding events. The “Screenshot_4.png” attachment shows my current trigger settings. It seems correct, right?

As you suggested, I checked the “Connections” tab on Universal Messaging Enterprise Manager and the “Screenshot_3.png” attached file shows what result I got.

On “Screenshot_2.png” you can see what I got when I clicked on a connection from “Connections” tab connections list.

Sorry, Joshua. I forgot that where I work they encrypt edited image files. I’m sending it again on this post.

Hello Renan,

You can restart (disable then enable) the trigger from Admin console from WM Trigger management.

If you want it from designer, then you can perform below steps.

  1. set enable to false
  2. save it
  3. set enable to true
  4. save it


Good Afternoon Yogesh. Thank you for your reply. I did restart our triggers. Now I’m waiting for future published on our server. I will tell if this solutions works.

Good morning people!

I purged the events and I did reset our triggers. It seems that this problem is solved for services that were having this “Pending Events” issue. Thank is advance for the help.

But, there is just one trigger that still get stucked events on Universal Messaging. I purged his events and I recreated the trigger, but it didn’t solve the problem.

Please, could you check the attachments that I’m sending now?

Hi again.

Where should I go to reset the connection in the screenshot attachment?

We got one of our channels with pending events inside a connection, but I didn’t find a way to reset it.

Thank you

Good morning everyone!

Is anyone there? I’m still having these issues on my UM… I couldn’t get contact with SoftwareAG support, they told to open a topic here…

Hello, Renan,

It would be great if you could find where the connection comes from - IS trigger, client application, etc. and reset it from there. But from your posts I assume that this is not applicable in your case. So while you are in the durable subscribers view for a channel in Enterprise Manager:

  1. Remember the ID of the connection that you want to reset.
  2. Click on the channel which this durable belongs to in the left hand side tree.
  3. Click the Connections tab in the right hand side panel - you will see all connections to this channel.
  4. Find and click the connection which you want to reset (from step 1).
  5. Press the Bounce button at the bottom.

The connection will be “bounced” - closed and recreated by the client.


Thank you Mr. Martin. Your suggestion did works in one situation that appeared to me here in this time. :smiley:

All right!

But, I have another question, how can I solve the situation on the attached screenshot?

I don’t know why, on my UM I have two connections with pending events. Neither of these connections are triggers and the triggers aren’t acknowleding the 12 Events that are in queue.

I tried to find the Connection ID on the channel Connection tab but there is nothing there, just a empty list.

The “Total Events” are just growing and for some reason the application doesn’t processes the message.

Please, what should I do? I just need to get these events to be sent to the trigger and processed, but until now I couldn’t.

It’s giving me headaches and I didn’t find anything about in Documentation :frowning:

Hello again everyone!

I found the solution!!!

I followed this steps:

1 - I deactivated the two IS Triggers as mentioned on the screenshot in my previous post.
2 - I Deleted the durable from the channel
3 - Then I activated again the two IS Triggers

Problem solved!

Thank you for the help. I hope that my solution can help any other too :smiley:

Hi Renan,

I’m glad that you have solved the problem. This seems like a good solution. In such situations you should pay attention to consumers (in your case - triggers) and check if they are consuming and acknowledging events properly. If they are not, you need to fix them (if possible) or restart them (hoping that they will start working well afterwards).