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Does anyone has any Statistical figures/Values while processing the XML Documents with the various Object Models of the Tamino API.

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Ravi Chamarthy.

Hi Ravi,

There is general information on the web comparing the various object models such as DOM and JDOM which may be useful to you. One I found was:

As far as the Tamino API is concerned, it provides the mechanism for accessing Tamino, checking the response document, error handling etc. etc., but once you have an object for processing then the Tamino API no longer comes into play since you are acting on the methods of the specific object model. I believe internally JDOM is used for parsing and checking the response from Tamino. But once the response is validated then an object is created using the specific object (DOM, JDOM, SAX) and provided to you for the processing.

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Stuart Fyffe-Collins
Software AG (UK) Ltd.

We found that DOM or JDOM is no difference regarding execution time of the application (performance), however, jdom programming is simpler.

Regarding SAX / DOM, here are some more discussions: