Does WmARTpubarttransaction package version 601 SP_1 work

We recently upgraded our Integration Server to IS_6-0-1_SP1 and started
to use the package, since the is
deprecated. We encountered several problems:

  1. Other adapter service (SelectSQL) frequently get the following error:

[ART.117.4036] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Unable to rollback
transaction. Transaction state:Transaction is marked for rollback .

  1. After a while, Other adapter service (SelectSQL) get the following

[ART.117.4012] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Unable to run adapter
service. Error occured when connecting to resource database.jdbc:atcODF.
[ART.118.5053] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to get a connection
to resource database.jdbc:atcODF. The pool doesn’t have a connection
available for the request.

  1. If we call an adapter service (SelectSQL) before the startTransaction,
    we get the following error:

[ART.117.4000] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Unable to invoke
adapter service database.adapterServices.vendor:insertUpdateVendor.
Unable to establish connection to connection database.jdbc:atcODF.
[ART.117.4011] 4011

  1. If we use the Developer to trace the flow service that contains the
    transaction, we get the following error:

An error occurred while tracing.

The test flow service we use has the follow steps:

-> startTransaction (
-> getWmUserId (an adapter service, SelectSQL)
-> insertUpdateVendor (an adapter service, Stored Procedure)
-> commitTransaction (
-> rollbackTransaction (

Any suggestions or workarounds?


1) If you have 2 or more coonections with in the flow service ,you have to explicitly take care of transactions, which is provided in art package.
2) Create a pool of connections according to your requirement.
4)Shouldn’t use any debug modes, when you use explicit transactions.Just run the service.

The best way is when do you have 2 or more connections ,create the connection using No_ transaction and explicitly handle the transactions using the services at art package.

Balaji Ravuri

thanks for your problem has been close.


WmDB package is not deprecated,WM will still support that in 6.x environment initially that was deprecated later they rolled back.

Anyways itsounds you solved your issues.And also always set the min connections=0 in the JDBC Adapter Connection configuration page.