Does webmethods support all types of web services?

Does webmethods support all the following types of web services (esp as provider)?
Namely RPC, message based SOA and RESTful ws?

It depends somewhat on which tool you mean by “webMethods.” The webMethods brand covers many tools.

For Integration Server:

  • Supports SOAP RPC, though the prevailing wisdom is to avoid RPC.

  • Message-based SOA – can you clarify what this means? If by message based you’re referring to SOAP doc/literal, Integration Server supports that and is preferred over RPC. SOA means different things to different people, so perhaps you can share your definition.

  • RESTful web services can be supported to a degree. The biggest issue I see is in supporting dynamic URLs to identify resources. IS is service-oriented (not in an SOA sense) and the URL structure supported by IS is geared toward invoking services (again, not in an SOA sense), not manipulating resources identified in the URL.

Someone please chime in if I’ve misstated anything.