does webMethods MQ 6.5 adapter support webSphere MQ 7*

Hi All,

I heard that webSphere MQ series V6.0.2.1 is OOS as of 9/1/2011 (OutOfService).

Our client wants to start using v7.0.1.3 MQ Series.

Does webMethods 6.5 webSphere MQ Adapter support webSphere MQ 7.* version?

Release notes does not say so.

Appreaciate your response.



IBM websphere MQ 7.x was released after webM 6.5. Thats why the documentation does not have the reference.

You can check with SAG product services for information on compatibility. They would have probably already tested it in their lab environment.

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I got a response from SAG

They do support MQ 7.*