Does TN automatically publish document

After the TN receives document, the document can be found in Transaction Analysis section of the Trading Partner Console. However, the corresponding trigger was not called.
Does TN automatically publish document when receive it? Or do we need to call pub.publish:publish in our own service and put it at “Execute a service” action of the processing rule?

Any hint is appreciated!


In your TN Processing Rule, the triggered custom service(specified in Processing Action “Execute a Service”), should incorporate pub.pubish:publish logic.

Once TN receives the document,check the Activitylog and this will show up your custom service invocation ,which will publish the document to the Broker and make sure the document is published on broker side.



You might consider this alternative: instead of setting up a trigger and publishing the doc, you might simply have TN invoke the appropriate service to do the needed work. Unless there is existing integrations you are leveraging through the Broker, there probably is no need to use pub/sub and the Broker.

Just a thought.

Many thanks for your replies!

I think your solutions would work, but I want to find out how to make TN publishes document automatically or to confirm whether this function exists or not.


AFAIK, TN does not automatically publish docs.

Another approach would be to create a custom delivery service (the TN docs cover this in detail) that publishes docs to the Broker. With this approach, you define your doc types, profiles and rules in TN as usual. The rule would be configured to deliver the doc using your custom delivery service. This approach provides a general purpose and easily reusable approach to getting docs from IS/TN to the Broker.