Does Tamino Support XQuery Static Type Analysis?

I am quite curious about Tamino, since I am conducting an XQuery
implementation survey for my thesis study. Yet I still got some questions and may need your help:

  1. Does Tamino support XQuery static type analysis (from

  2. If so, since the W3C standard is still changing, how do you keep up
    with the change efficiently?

Your help will be appreciated.
Happy New Year and Thank you,

Selina, Wang


yes, Tamino does support static typing of XQuerys. However, it does not strictly follow XQuery static typing as described in the formal semantics spec. The main reason is that the specs were still changing rapidly when we implemented Tamino XQuery. Also our typing focusses heavily on reading both Tamino schema information and structure index (condensed instance information) and in this area exceeds what the specs descibe. In those areas where we do the same things as described in the formal semantics spec things are very much alike. For example we also naturally base our typing on XML Schema.