can i map a document to a documentlist and viceversa ?

Can you provide a bit more detail on what specifically you need to do? A document list is simply an array. You can assign a document to a list element (the list element will hold a reference to the same document) and you can copy a reference from a document list to a document.

In my PipielineIn i have a document in which i have different variables.I need to map this elements to the elements in pipilineout which are in a documentlist(not in a document).
Can we map or link the variables which are in a document to the variables in a documentlist.

Can i link a document to the ‘tolist’ of pub.list:appendToDocumentList or do i need to link only the documentlist.
Can someone tell me the service through which i can append a document to a list.Do i need to loop on something ?

Yes. Map the variables. Then click on the mapping line. Then in the properties pane edit the index and specify the appropriate index for the target list element that you want to update.

No. It will only accept a list. pub.list:appendToDocumentList.

Hi all,
I have a branch step on a switch.
I wrote a branch step, in which i have 3 sequences.In the first sequence i need to chek if the element on which i branched is 2.
IF its 2 then i should set that elements value to “YES”
I have tht element in my map step.But i dont have “YES” anywhere.I need to hardcode it.
Do i need to write a map step and create a new string and map to that (OR) can i hardcode in the service itself in the sequence ?
Please lemme know


You could do it by directly hardcode YES to that specific variable in a map step under the sequence step.Its not a good practice to do any transformations on the sequece step.


Hi greatttt…Thank you so much.