Documentation on docker images/fixes repo

I’m building out docker images based on this git repo:

works fine, but for building other images, I can’t find documentation on the location/names of the products/fixes.
e.g. for the example IS build we have this in the docker-compose:
- REPO_PRODUCT_URL= # product repository must match target release
- REPO_FIX_URL= # fix repository must have fixes for the target release

and in the template.yaml, we have:
is.fix: wMFix.integrationServer.Core
Where would I find the equivalent for the other webmethods products?

Software AG docker images can be found at


while currently the git repo listed above works fine in straight cases, it has been found very hard for troubleshooting.
SAG is looking forward to put out a standartized scripable solution for October that will be officially supported.

That’s great news, Angel thanks.
I’ve had better luck with the docker configurations in this repo:

Would this be the repo to be standardized in OCT?