Documentation help on SOA \ ESB

Hi ,

I need to fill up the SOA blueprint architecture document where in i am struck up on few sections. I am not finding appropriate contents for that. Can any please suggest me any URL or PDF on this. I am looking for the following topics,

  1. How service composition could be accomplished over different ESBs
    2) How services are to be made available over integration bus middleware
    3) How federated ESB can be deployed

    Please help me out…

    Many Thanks,

hi, I’m from PEtALS development team (an Open source ESB). A teammate, Adrien Louis, recently published an article which should respond your first question :

pdf on our server, or html, on infoq

About federated ESB, from what I know (but I may be wrong), only progress sonic (proprietary) and PEtALS (open source) have this topology. Am I right ?



That’s a very useful piece of info.