Documentation for wm.prt.dispatch:handlePublishedInput


Could someone tell me where i can find the documentation of wm.prt.dispatch:handlePublishedInput in-built service found in WmPRT package. I checked the IS BIS reference guide.pdf, Modeler User’s Guide.pdf. I couldn’t find it.

Thanks in advance.

The PRT services are documented in the webMethods Process Run Time User’s Guide. But I think handlePublishedInput is not a public service and is therefore not documented.

Thanks for your response Rob. I serached in wM PRT user’s guide too. But of no use. Where can i find the documentation for services which are not public? Do u have any idea?

Thx in advance.

Because they are not public, there is no documentation available–otherwise they’d be public! They are not described because you are not supposed to use them. Of course, many of us use undocumented services but it is at our own risk and we cannot expect any help from wM if we run into trouble or have questions.

Thanks again for your response.

Then what for they exist in that package other than using them on our own risk if we need. Any idea???

Thanks in advance.

Many of the facilities provided by Integration Server are implemented as services. These services were created by webMethods to help them create the various solutions they provide–just like the services we each create for our own solutions.

Much like some of our services are “for internal use only” webMethods does the same thing. For example, you might have package A that exposes various services that are to be used by other packages. To implement those services, you might have helper services that are intended to be used by package A only. Other packages are not supposed to use them.

This is what many of the services within PRT and other wM-supplied packages do–they are services for wM use only. We can see them, but we’re not supposed to use them.

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Thanks a lot for your convincing response.

Has anyone collected details on this undocumented internal APIs so that they can share here?

I am searching for the same :frowning:


can you explain, why you need documentation for this services?

As it is an internal one (as already pointed out), we are not supposed to use them directly.

You can open the service in Designer to introspect its input and output signature and to search for any other services which are using it.

If I remember right this one is used internally by PRT when one step finishes and the transition is pblished to Messaging to inform the Runtime to start the next step for this instance (at least this is what the name suggests). So there is a Transition Trigger in the Model runtime implementation package, which invokes this service when it receives a document for this model id.

Eventually the BPM Development Guide contains more inforamtions on how this intended to work.