Document Type Universal Name

I’m developing flow services to be exposed through SOAP WSDs and want to control the namespaces of complexTypes in the schema of the generated WSDL. To do this, for each of my document types I’ve entered a Namespace name and Local name in the Universal name settings of the document type. However, this isn’t producing the result that I expected. The Universal name seems to be completely ignored in the generated schema. Individual elements within the documents are generated with the correct namespaces but the complexTypes representing the documents themselves are not.

We are running IS 8.2.1.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey Allen,

Try providing value for the XML Namespace property for every individual element(simple/complex). And try generating the WSDL again. I guess that’s what you are expecting.


Hi Allen,
Please check the below link.


Thank you Senthilkumar,

That link refers to a feature request that would address my problem exactly.

Hi, I have the same problem that Aloysious talked about and I don’t find any similar issue at the site. What happened to that feature? the link seems not been available.

To provide value for every element is a solutions but not the good one, a Document Type should have the same Universal Name in every WSDL independently who or what use it.

I hope someone have some information…