Document to another Document

Hi, all

I have a question that I have a document as input, which is transformed from an xslt.

I am now want to map this document to the service output pipeline, which the definition of the output is different from the input. How can I do so?

e.g. Input Document


map to output Document:


  • denotes 0…n occurences

Your kind advises are needed. Many thanks :slight_smile:


Can you share your exact requirement.


No complicated mapping or XSLT required here… Just perform a simple plain text search&replace operation and replace all occurrences of , with , . (And delete the , around the document.) This should be the easiest and fastest way…

By the way: if you really do a transformation like indicated by your first post, the resulting output document will be invalid…: an XML document must have exactly one root, not 0…n :wink: