Document size

Is there a way to find the size of a broker document.

In Broker admin screen you can see the total size of the queue adn number of documents in the queue. Its manual process and only provides total size.
If you need to actually monitor each document and its size you will have create your own Broker Adminisatrtor client program in Java or C and you can get that information. Another choice is take a look at VIC Queue Manager utility it may be more than what you need but has good visual tool to monitor Broker queues and shows individual doc sizes.

How do I create my own Broker Adminisatrtor client program in Java to get the size of a document? I have looked at the Java Admin Reference guide and I don’t see a methods to the size of a document.

Here is one suggestion:

BrokerAdminClient API has a method called getClientStatsById(). It takes a particular client and returns BrokerEvent. This broker event has an integer field field containing the queue size in bytes:


You can try and work around these two APIs to manipulate a single document queue size based on the particular client broker document subscriptions.


Is there no way to determine the size of a document from within IS? I want to measure the size of the document as the service fired off by a trigger picks up the document. I don’t want to look at the queue. I have a document in my service, I want to determine it’s size. Can I convert it to a string and get the size of a string? Will it make it any easier to know that all of the fields in our documents are strings?



Converting the document to String could definitely give you the approx size of the document but it is true only the case of String fields. If the document contains byte Array then you need to write some size manipulation code.


What is VIC Queue Manager utility and where do I get it.


check the Software section of for further information.


Is there any way to measure what the Maximum throughput of files from the Broker to the Integration Server is?