Document Mapping problems when migrating from IS 6.1 to IS 6.5


I am having a document mapping problem that presented itself after we migrated flow services from a 6.1 environment to 6.5.

Our development region is IS 6.1 and our test environment is newly 6.5

I have a document that looks like this

In the 6.1 environment when I have a flow service which references that document and and maps values to is. After mapping the pipeline looks as expected:

ValueA ValueB

However, when this same service was migrated to the 6.5 environment, it produced different results. The document looks like this after mapping

ValueB ValueA

The elements are reversed.

Now, ordinarily, this should not be a problem but apparantly it is. When the document is converted to XML and packaged into a SOAP message the target environment has problems. It doesn’t parse the XML correctly unless the elements are in the expected order, not good but there is nothing I can do about it as it is a third party mainframe application that is already in production.

In any case, has anyone seen this? Any explanation why the document elements would get reversed durring the map step?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is an update.

Our IS 6.5 servers are clustered under load balancing.
I desided to log in on each server separately.

The first one duplicated the issue. The second one mapped the document correctly and the elements we in the correct order.

Could this be a setting in the server?

Are you using documentToXMLString service? If so, the sequence of the elements in the output xml is determined by the dcoument type specified in the documentTypeName parameter. For example:

Definition of request1:


Definition of request2:


Map request1 => document
request2=> documentTypeName

you will get

<?xml version="1.0"?>


Please check the document that is being referenced to see if the elements are in the order you want.

My another thought is that you might have assigned value to item2 before you have done that for item1. Please try to change the order to see if it fix the issue.

My last resort: load balancing doesn’t gurantee that the two nodes are having the identical code base. If Node2 works file, you can copy the package from Node2 to Node1.

Good luck!

Hi, any update to this problem. We are currently fcing similar problem after migrating it from 61 to 71. And when compared with the wm61 MAP order and wm71 MAP order in debugging, they are not same.

I still don’t know why the order is changed as the source of the packages is same. We are trying to re arriange the order in wm71 environment, hope this might solve the problem.

Any updates or suggestions. Please welcome.

As told we have chnaged the order of Flow service MAP steps Up and Down. and Saved. The result came up correctly.

And then Reverted all the changes what we have done. and keep everything same as previous. And surprisingly we have good results.

Believe the MAP inner template file might have recompiled/recreated. This solved the problem.