Document List issue in CAF

Hi All,

I am new the CAF applications. I have a task to define a process model with two task steps. One is to insert the record and other task step to validate the record. The process model should trigger with the publishable document and this document contains one documentList element. 

The current scenario is working fine except documentList behavior.  

To Add document to task GUI, following steps were performed:

Added the document in the business data tab of Task Summary page. In the user interfaces tab selected the Default view and updated it for creating default view page. Upon update it asked for selecting the business data which I created in the task summary page. Once I selected the business data it automatically creates the fields and tables based on the document in the GUI. 

If there is any list document,it creates table by default with the text output controls in the table row. i have added the input text boxes in the table so that I can insert the new values and added add table row control button to added new row whenever user clicks on the add row button.  Right now this scenario is working fine. when user clicks on the add table row control button its creating new row in the table with the input text boxes. But the problem is when I submits the form its taking only the first row and rest of the row getting invisible or deleted. 

I am not sure what I missed. The documentation is not clean. Could anybody help me to solve the problem? 


Please see the excellent document about updatable tables and Tasks by Christoph Jahn
Updatable_Table_in_Task.doc (449 KB)

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Thanks a lot. it really helped me a lot.