document is a required parameter of type IData

Hello everyone,

we are doing a SOA project at University and need some help.
We try to represent a Flow Service as an Invoke Step in the Designer. But every time we run the process it gives out the error:
“Invalid input. ‘document’ is a required parameter of type IData”.
Does anyone knows what that means?

Thanks for your help!

what are you trying to do inside the flow service which you invoked in designer? it seems that flow service is expecting some mandatory document which you are not passing.

it seems like the flow service has a problem with the name of the input document. imagine you have a receive step with an document as output called maxipaper (maxipaper(maxipaper)). next you have a flow service in which the input has the name waggonID, but is a reference to the document maxipaper → in the developer the input as a document reference looks like this: waggonID(maxipaper). if its like this we get the error. if we call the waggonID document also maxipaper (maxipaper(maxipaper)) its working.

Flow service is expecting some inputs, you need to define inputs in designer to this flow service.