*doctype in consumer signature

Hello Team,

Could you please guide why am i getting the *doctype in the consumer service signature? is there someting I need to do to get rid of this *doctype.

I am using webMethods 9.8

Attached the WSDL for your reference.

Happy to share any further information if required.


wsdl.zip (3.58 KB)

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Hi Sasanka,

Can you please share the screenshot where you are getting *doctype in the signature.

Please also share the Designer and IS Fix details.

Hi Sasanka,

I believe WSDL is being generated by using some tool along with corresponding XSD’s and the XSD’s are being imported in WSDL.

I faced this issue long time back. Don’t exactly remember the fix but it usually happens because of improper imports of XSD’s and additional definition tags in WSDL.

Syed Faraz Ahmed

Hello Team

My IS Core Fix is: IS_9.8_Core_Fix7

Attached the screenshot of service signature with *doctype in the signature.


Document1.docx (30.6 KB)

Hello all

I am also facing same issue. could you please help me how to resolve this problem.
As I am to map to proper Input signature