Do you need to install a web Server to Implement Workflow

What if I create a HTML page which resides on the Integration Server and not install a web server, can I invoke this page from work flow ?

Not exactly sure what you are asking here. But any IS install has HTTP server builtin. you can point you browser to you IS server and get any HTML or DSP page. It just need to be loacted under some package directory: <packages>/<package>/pub
And you may need to allow access to the page by using .access file in that directory. A browser request will likely to ask you user id and password to return your page.

What’s the idea behind this???
It sounds very strange. I would not use the IS as a web server.
By the way you can use every IS service from web browser.

This is in reference to the message pasted below.

It says that you need a web server with a servlet engine; iPlanet, Websphere, Apache, etc. to use web pages in a workflow scenario.

Why do I need a web server when I can use the inbuild webserver within IS server to build web page in a workflow ?

Posted on Thursday, September 05, 2002 - 08:56 am:

Hi Guys,

Using web pages in a workflow scenario is fairly straightforward.

That being said there are some prerequisites:

1). You need a web server with a servlet engine; iPlanet, Websphere, Apache, etc.
2). You need to configure the servlet (found in the WorkflowServer4/Servlet directory) by unjaring the jar files in the web server’s servlet directory.

3). From the UI side, I would recommend creating your HTML design in an HTML design tool like Dreamweaver.
4). Once completed, create a task in WF. Then, in the “Views” tab on the bottom right, add a view (call it whatever you like) and then select “HTML” as the type of view.
5). Now, from within the task panel view (double-click to get here) you select your view at the top, and drag and drop a panel into the design window from the top. You will be prompted for the location of your (predesigned) HTML page. It will then be imported and you can access it and wire up the data the same way you do with the Swing Java client.

There are a few restrictions to HTML forms that are outlined in the guides.

Hope this helps!

Josh Abrams
webMethods System Engineer