Do you know IoT?! The Software AG Learning Portal


If you are an active community member you might have recognized that we have lot of articles in the IoT Knowledge Base. Also we have some introduction videos uploaded to our YouTube Channel

In this article I want to highlight one of the best options you have if you are starting with Cumulocity IoT:

The Software AG Learning Portal

The good news is: It’s for free!

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You just need to register yourself and attend any online course of your choice!

Let me highlight a few modules for you…

Suggested IoT learning modules

The Learning portal is full of course & modules for all kind of levels. Here are my highlights for each level:

For absolute beginners

If you are totally new to Cumulocity IoT the first thing you should do is to learn the basics. There are three courses to do that:

  1. Cumulocity IoT Basic - get a short & crisp introduction during your Evaluation phase (4h)
  2. Cumulocity IoT Edge Basic - get a short overview and comparison of Cumulocity IoT Edge & (1,5h)
  3. Cumulocity IoT Essentials - learn and practice all features in your Onboarding phase (4 days)

For advanced users

If your are in the Continuous Learning phase, follow up with a bunch of the Elective Modules. They address specific topics of Cumulocity IoT and gives you valuable insights of the component. To highlight a few:

  1. Cumulocity IoT Notification 2.0 API
  2. Cumulocity IoT LWM2M Integration
  3. Cumulocity IoT Microservices SDK
  4. Device Connectivity with Cumulocity IoT

And many more:

Feedback & anything missing?

If you have feedback or is anything missing?
Reach out to me(@Stefan_Witschel) or @Anne_Pilatus-Keller1

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Normally I am alergic to animated GIFs, but this one made me smile. Well played, Mark.

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