Disaster Recovery

Need suggestions, comments of what Add-on Tools can be used for Disaster Recovery?
We have 2 sites (a) Head Office (b) DR site
Have approximately 500 users peak time. At the moment we have one Production DB and PPRC is performed to DR site. Now we are looking for alternative to have almost no time loss. If we need to avoid Single Point of failure, what data-sharing tools would be adviceable to ensure no Data loss, maximum data integrity, availability and database performance to meet ongoing business needs.
What do you think about “Adabas Parallel Service” verses “Adabas Cluster Services” ?
Other suggestions are most welcome, but we are more focused on a SAG Add on Product to cater for our need.
Thanks & Regards
Mathew A.

When talking about Clustering / Parallel services this essentially means having
two sites online and active at the same time, sharing / distributing the load,
this is not a “DR scenario”.

Now, for DR, there are two modes, “cold standby” (you bring up the DR site when needed)
and “hot standby” (DR site active and waiting to take over in case of failure (only !))

For a cold standby site one usually just applies backup from the main site in defined intervals,
for a hot standby it depends on how current you need your data in case of a switch to the
DR site, possible options include applying delta saves to the PLOGs to the database(s) on
the DR site, or PLOGs either in intervals or as soon as a PLOG switch occurs, or real-time
replication of updates from main to DR (not sure if the latter is easily possible from the
licensing point of view, though, I’m not a sales person).