Disable service

Can we disable a service in the package from IS Admin page. I dont want to disable complete package but disable a service for some couple of weeks and I dont want to do it from Developer. thank you.

You can’t do this from the Admin page. However, you can use Developer to change the ACL permissions of the service such that it can not be invoked and deploy this change to production.



I did not ever tried but this may help u out

Go to the command prompt and using Dos commands you can change the ACLS of packages and also files in the packages …so just change the ACLS of files/folders inside the package to NONE r other which ever you want

this may be one of the ways to change the ACLS of the Service

Why do you think this would work? How would one go about changing an Integration Server ACL from a DOS (or Unix) command prompt?

Color me skeptical.