Disable delivery during partner downtime

I’m using webMethods IS and TN 9.7

I need to disable delivery to a trading partner during their quarterly scheduled maintenance window. Is wm.tn.route:disableDeliveryForPartner the best way to do that? It seems like it will work.

How can I tell whether delivery is disabled for a particular partner? I couldn’t find any flag to indicate the status when I used this service on my test system.


I answered my second question. This service is tied to the “Suspend Delivery” checkbox in the Delivery Settings tab of the partner profile in MWS.

Your first Ques looks like you want to suspend the delivery to TP programmatically calling that service?


Right. The partner has maintenance the first Sunday of every calendar quarter at a particular time window. What I’m looking to have happen is:

  1. At time X, halt all transmissions to partner, holding anything that is published for the partner
  2. At time Y, resume all transmissions to partner, and transmit all queued documents

It looks like wm.tn.route:disableDeliveryForPartner is exactly what I need for this requiremen, but I wanted to double-check if anyone in the community knew of any pitfalls.


you should wrap the disableDelivery and enableDelivery Services in FlowServices.

Then schedule these services to run at every Sunday.

Perform a check if it is the first Sunday of the Month resp. of the Quarter inside the FlowService.