digital signing and encryption of email

hello friend,
i need to create a service wherein i need to digitally sign and encrypt an email( in outlook or any email client) .
i found some inbuilt services in WMSamples and also in WMPulic->SMime
to digital signing and encrypting

but in this for someservice i need to provide following as input …
1.Signer’s private key file .
2.Signer’s certificateetc
how do i generatde private key and certificate…please could anyone help me out…can i do this using JAVA KEYTOOL or so…


use this inbuilt service “pub.smime:createSignedAndEncryptedData”. go through the Inbuilt service guide to get more idea about various inputs to this services and how to generate it.

In built in ref guide they are telling to go through this particular service “sample.smime:build_SignedAndEncryptedSMime”.

Go through this and to generate certificates and private keys i believe you need to check with IS administrator. Administrator will be help you on generation of Certificates.