Different FTP sessions using same ID share data??

Has anyone experienced cases where two different interfaces running at the same time will cause collisions with each other due to sharing of data??? Let me give an example:

  • Interface #1 runs at 6:00AM daily using id ID1 logging into DIRECTORY1 looking for files with FORMAT1

  • Interface #2 runs every 20 mins(0, 20, 40) using ID1 logging into DIRECTORY1 looking for files with FORMAT2

Files for Interface #1 exist at 6am but not for Interface #2 but the logs show that the ls command used the settings for Interface #2 and not for #1 causing the interface to skip over the files it was supposed to process.

Has anyone experienced these sort of collisions before between FTP sessions running at the same time??? Is this normal behavior when two interfaces run under the same ID at the same time?? I would think each one would have it’s own thread space and no collisions would occur

Thx in advance…