Differences behaviour between SOAP UI and Integration Services

I have often problems with Designer : some WSDL can not be discovered.
Obviously, it’s because it’s not use compliance WSDL and I understand.
However in SOAP UI, the software can discover and even allow to use the WSDL to generate query.
For instance, in attached file bellowed, I have the following WSDL. I have no problem to discover it in SOAP UI but it’s impossible de generate a web service descriptor in designer.
It’s an Oracle financial fusion application WSDL.
I can modify it to change some element tags to allow designer to generate descriptor.
Even like that I can not called the wished method (in my cas runReport) because of the fact that in WSDL some tags are required and Integration server refused to connect to the server to call the method if I delete theses tags in my soap enveloppe because of the soap enveloppe should be complianced using IS. In SOAP UI it’s not required. If a parameter is missing and if it’s necessary, we received an error in http response or in soap response. IS refused to do that.
But even in my case, if I accept to fill all required parameters, I have a policy problem.
It’s weird for me that a software like SOAP UI can do things that IS is not abled to do.
To solve my problem, I have no other solution to call pub.client:http service and create the soap enveloppe my self. And that works.
I imagine (hope) that exist some parameter to allow IS to not do some control in client side but I don’t know how/

IS 9.10

ExternalReportWSSService.wsdl (130 KB)

Can you provide some error logs so that we can check if there is any IS extended settings to turn off the soap validation.

Also, your IS fix levels.

Hi Mahesh,
Thanks for your reply.
Of course I can give you the log and of course I imagine you will find the problem in WSDL. Of course you will suggest to modify the WSDL after downloading it and you will suggest to discover web service by using the downloaded and modified file instead of the wsdl url. But I can not understand why in SOAP UI, I have no problem and with IS I have.

The problem is : [ISS.0092.9001] Server Error: [ISS.0092.9005] Error: SOAP binding has an unsupported transport value, binding was not created.
Content compliance = None
Enforce WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 Compliance = None
Validate Schema using Xerxes = False

wM 9.10
fix = IS_9.10_Core_Fix18
Java Version 1.8.0_202 (52.0)

I notify that I made the following change in Setting but even without, I had the same problem :


Hi Vital,

please check if the IS is already SOAP 1.2 compliant.

Looks like the Designer has problems recognizing the transport definition in line 1551 of your WSDL:
<soap12:binding style=“document” transport=“http://www.w3.org/2003/05/soap-envelope/actor/next”/>


Hi Holger,
Thanks for your reply,
Do you know how check the soap 1.2 compliance in IS and how to support the transport binding in designer ?

Hi Vital,

the general information about the compliance should be in IntegrationServer Readme or ReleaseNote documentation.
For details you might want to look at the WebServices Development guide.


Hello Holger,
I don’t know if Desginer is just compatible in 1.2 SOAP Version to discover but I think IS is compatible in 1.2 SOAP Version because when I fix my wsdl to change the transport of binding, I can discover the WS and in the generated connector I see a MAP using the SOAP 1.2 Protocol.