Difference between Webmethods 6.5 and 7.1

I was trying to find out some pertinent and relevant difference between Webmethods 6.5 and 7.1 . am unable to distinguish between their features . The only difference that i hear and read is 'Improved Stability ’ .
Can anybody please guide me?


  • Functionality available in broker admin and JMS admin to MWS under messaging and queue mgmt broker and territory diagrams and included
  • SAP Adapter is used to generate document types from RFC structure, Idoc structure, idoc DTD and xml schema
  • XSLT service is included to create, edit and execute XSLT’s
  • New JMS Trigger type that registers destinations on a JMS provide and specifies how to process messages it receives from those destinations
  • Dependency manager is implemented for flat file schemas and dictionaries to get informed about any changes and dependencies.

Please tell what is the difference between webmethod 6.5 and webmethod 7.1?

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