Difference between numeric operators

Hi All,
I was curious to know the diff between the usage for the operators to check some condition in a flow service…
for eg:
I need a field (Amount)which has to be in between 100 & 199.
I can use either of the one…

  1. %Amount% >=100 && %Amount% <=199
  2. %Amount%=/[1][0-9][0-9]$/
    Which one should we use for best practice.?


  1. 1 ↩︎

Choice 1 is the regular option,since this is not a complex condition as best practice standandpoint.But if you want to check amount with no alpha values etc…choice 2 regular expression is the way.


Choice 1 is much more clear, IMO. There doesn’t appear to me to be any advantage to using choice 2.