Difference between JBDC and Oracle Apps Adapter

Hi All,

Could anyone briefly explain on what is the main Difference between JBDC and Oracle Apps Adapter and when to use them.

We are connecting to oracle DB and want to know what is the advantage of using Oracle Apps Adapter instead of JBDC adapter.


Hi Sathyaraj,

They are connectiong to completely different server types.

JDBC Adapter can connect to different databases incl. Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, DB2 and others.
The only requirement is that there is JDBC Type 4 driver available supporting at least JDBC 3.0 Specification for these databases.

Oracle Apps Adapter is connecting to Oracle Application Server, which is an application server like Weblogic, Websphere et al.

See Adapter Users Guides and Release Notes for further informations.

For your use case JDBC Adapter is sufficient.

There are currently 3 Versions available dependend on your webMethods version:
JDBC Adapter 6.5 for all Versions from 6.5 onwards (might be going “EOS” in the future)
JDBC Adapter 9.0 for all Versions from 9.0 onwards
JDBC Adapter 9.10 for all Versions from 9.10 onwards

As most webMethods Versions before 9.0 are in “EOM” state meanwhile it is recommened to use the JDBC Adapter 9.x version corresponding to your webMethods version.