Diff between two builtin services

Hi All,

Can anybody let me know if there is any difference between the functionality of




services together to acheive the same.


Cud hav gone thru the docs bt since these are generally used services , a quick reply/comments is always welcome.

Thanks in adavance !!

They are completely different. XMLValuesToDocument decodes what wM calls an “XMLValues-encoded document” which can be produced using pub.document:documentToXMLValues. You normally won’t use either of these but try them out to see how they operate.

The documentation is your friend. Don’t let your friend be ignored. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Reamon !!

Well the two approaches seems two be surely doing a different job .

I checked the the two approaches by using

pub.document:documentToXMLValues .

But still i could n’t figure out the exact difference .
Anyways thanks a lot…