Diff between LogData LogMessage and Trace

What is the difference between the Log Data, Log message and Trace steps in the Enterprise integrator 4.5.1?.To my knowledge all are doing the same.



I’m running from memory here, but they are actually different:

Trace will output strings into the Trace window within EI. This is not persisted anywhere, but if you turn tracing on, you’ll see the messages as they execute. Good for quickly verifying the flow of your component.

Log Data and Log Message both log information out to the logging adapter (and eventually, to the database). Log Message let’s you log out 2 strings, which end up concatenated together in the DB anyway, while Log Data let’s you define fields and map fields from previous steps in your component into the Log Data step.

I tend to use Trace just during Debug, whereas my Log steps might remain in the component during deployment.