Did anyone ever built a SAP Archivelink inbound interface in Webmethods?


Not sure whether this is the right forum.
SAP Archivelink is a SAP http based protocol for storing and retrieving files in backend repositories. Typical content management environment like Documentum, Opentext, Alfresco, Microsoft (with third parties addons) have such an interface. We are exploring whether to use Office365\Sharepoint Online as a backend repository, while webMethods will handle the post (uploads) and gets (retrieves) using the Sharepoint REST API. This is an alternative of using third party gateway service that translates SAP Archivelink requests to Sharepoine API requests.

Any implementations known in webMethods to support SAP Archivelink requests?

regards, Mark

I did use 3rd party library to store/retrieve files from SharePoint server but didn’t use SAP Archivelink. You better write a mail to SAG support to comment.