DictionarySchema builder working the weekend

How do you create a fixed length field with a length of one?
wm does not allow the start and end position to be the same value.


start = 0
length = 1


In 6.01 when creating the field definitions in the Dictionary you do not specify a start and length you specify a Start Position and an End position but the Start and End can not be the same value.

Therefore the following is not possible:

field start end
f1 0 1
f2 1 1

It will not allow you to define f2.


format problem it was supposed to be
f1 --------0 -----------1
f2 --------1 -----------1


Sorry, I’m thinking 4.6. I’m working on 6.01 this weekend myself. I am working with the dictionary object. Under field, look at properties. There is something called a validator. Click on the box under that and a little box pops up. Choose length validator and specify minimum and maximum of 1.


Maybe I’m taking the wrong approach here. A further explanation is required.
I have defined a bunch of fields under Field Definition. I specify no Validators there. The reason being that the same field can come from different legacy apps with different sizes. ie. Name in app 1 is 35 and Name in app 2 is 30.
To get arround this I just define Name in the field definition without a Validator.

Then in the Record Definition when I Reference the Field Name I specify a Start and End Position under Extractor. This is where I’m encountering my problem. I can NOT edit the Validator. It just says NONE at this step.

Am I taking the wrong approach. Should I just define 2 Name fields? That doesn’t seem right.