Fixed Length Issue in Flat File

Hi team,

I have created a flat file dictionary having fixed length as extractor type for each of the field definitions.

Suppose in the field ID of record has fixed length of 0-10.

Then in the result i could that for ID for record[0] is coming from 0-9
result for ID for record[1] is coming from 0-8
result for ID for record[2] is coming from 0-7 and so on.

The length of the values are getting shorter with the records.

Kindly advise for this issue.

Thanks in advance

Simply i can say that for the Fixed length Extractor type , in the Schema document Record[0] , values are coming properly (after getting extracted from the
correct Start and End position) but for the next records , not sure which start and end position it refers?

Kindly help.