Device-Managment - inactive devices possible

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For input on my question thankful.

What product/components do you use and which version/fix level?

Backend: 1011.0.12
UI: 1010.0.24

Are you using a free trial or a product with a customer license?


What are trying to achieve? Please describe in detail.

I would like to have the device-manager having devices displayed as “inactiv”.

Is it possible to mark/set devices temporarily or permanent inactiv (SmartREST).
This would not be the same as OFFLINE or NOT CONNECTED.
As we plan to use device manager to display some machine-components as sub-devices, this devices are never ONLINE.

Thanks in advance.
BR Manfred

Hi Manfred,

unfortunatly there isn’t a marker to set a device active or inactive. The Cumulocity supports: Availability and connection status. Those attributes are set by the platform autmaticaly, you can’t set them via REST or SmartREST. However, the sematic of both status are bit different what you are seeking for, i suppose. For that reason you have to introduce a custom fragment to your devices like my_active: true/false. If you would like to display and also set the value via UI, your UI must be extended as well.

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Hi Alexander,
thank you for this information.
It is not the answer I would like to read, but at least I know now :-).

Thx again

If I understand the request correct inactive devices should be flagged which are sending data in a specific interval. Therefor we have the Connectivity Status where a required response time can be defined in minutes. If no data is sent within that time the data will be recognized as online/offline (which does not mean that it is physically offline): Device Management - Cumulocity IoT Guides

Also there is the maintenance mode that can be used to flag a device as “inactive”. There is no static template to set a device to maintenance mode via MQTT.

Maintenance mode

Moreover, the device may be in “Maintenance” mode, indicated by the tool icon in the Status column. This is a special connection status indicating that the device is currently being maintained and cannot be monitored. While a device is being maintained, no alarms for that device are raised.

You can turn the maintenance mode on or off for a device through a toggle in the Connection monitoring card in its Info tab, see below.

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