Developing a CI/CD pipeline with Cumulocity

I have been developing stand-alone applications in Cumulocity for a while with the intent of combining them into a single cockpit application to be used in production.

So far, I have been using each application as its own test server and then porting that code into the cockpit application, but this is a manual process that is easily prone to error. Consequently, I would like to know if there is way I could streamline the whole process with a CI/CD pipeline, or if it is even possible or advisable to do so.

If I stick with just using a single repos for the whole cockpit application, what would that look like in terms of a CI/CD script? Would I end up creating different applications on my Cumulocity tenant to act as different environments for testing and production purposes?

@luclib You could create a single repository and for each feature must be developed as a feature branch. Once you complete the development and test and all looks well, the feature branch must merged to the main branch (along with cockpit) and deployed as a single application.
CI-CID pipeline could be created using any CI-CD tools like Jenkins or azure devOps.

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