EPL Apps within Cumulocity - DevOps Best Practices

I have been looking for a reference or a resource to find EPL apps DevOps best practices while developing with Cumulocity. Below some questions I have, please share any best practice you know even if it is not related to one of the questions.

1- How can we test EPL apps?

2- Do we have a DevOps pipeline to move EPL apps from different stages (development, testing, production)?

Hi Mohammed

You might be interested by the below


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Hi Mohammed,

Melanie has linked to information about our tools for building such automation (which also links to a description of the testing part of that, which can be found here: Running tests on EPL apps)

We don’t have any out-of-the-box pipeline. Instead we provide the building blocks in the epl-apps-tools suite, which can be configured with the pipeline tools of your choice. With multiple tenants for dev/preprod/prod you can have your automation deploy into the correct tenant at each stage using epl-apps-tools and then run pysys tests against those, or run standalone pysys unit tests outside of a tenant. This could very easily be done with traditional build and test infrastructure like Teamcity or Jenkins or with github actions and hooks on commits and PRs between various branches.


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