Can we connect with IntegrationServer 7.1 from Developer 6.5?


You can try connecting, I did not try it in past… webMethods 6.1 Developer connects to wM6.5, Considering Developer as client that connects to IS. I hope it works.


No it will not work.

What do u mean by connecting… IS 7.x from 6.5, if u say only remote connection or through remote connection alias yes you will be able to connection ( it will just be any other connection from http client) and you can remotely invoke services etc.

but if u are looking for connection and use some components from other version, its not supported. like you want login using 7.X developer to 6.x IS or vice versa.


Hi Nag,

I think it won’t work.
Because, currently Iam using webMethods7.x.
In 7-1-1_Developer_Users_Guide.pdf, there is a statement like,
“”" Important! You can only connect webMethods Developer version 7.1 to a webMethods Integration Server version 7.1.“”" .