Developer will not do a subversion check out

We setup Subversion to work with developer and now when we go to check out a package we get back:

The following elements were not locked:

{List of files}

And the details gives back something like the following:

[ISS.0132.9117] error running command [svn, lock, …/flow.xml]; exit value: 1; output: [svn: Authorization failed]

Does anyone know the work around for this behavior or seen this before?

We tried adding authorization as a requirement and now we get back the following:

svn: Path ‘/path_to_file’ doesn’t exist in HEAD revision

Any advise would be appreciated.

Hi Brian,

When you said “We setup Subversion to work with developer” did you mean by using wmSubversion package?.

Thank you.


Yes, but we were able to determine the cause:

We used “svnserve -d -r svn_root_PATH”, rather then the default “svnserve -d” to start our svn daemon.

The issue is no longer occurring. Thank you.

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