Developer ver. 3.6 won't start

I installed b2bDssl36.exe client on my Win 98 machine and can not get the Developer app to start. When I double click on the Developer icon, I briefly see a dos window pop-up and then nothing.

I have to use Dev 3.6 because that’s what the project I am working on is using.

Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks!

That sounds like an issue with your JVM possibly. Check your path, to make sure the appropriate JVM is reachable.

You can also do a “java -version” at the command prompt.

I don’t know what the correct JVM is for 3.6, but I think if you’ve got the MS JVM it could cause problems like this.

If that doesn’t work, try launching the .exe from the command prompt - that way you should get to see any errors that are occurring.

Good luck.

Try launching from the command line. It will probably give you an error that you can remedy.

cd to the main Developer directory on your file system and type:
bin\Developer.bat (on Windows)

If you don’t discover the problem that way, I recommend contacting webMethods Technical Support.

Good luck,

You can try starting it from the command prompt. Try opening a dos window,l go the webMethods/server3/bin directory, type server.bat -debug 5 -log none and then you can see what the error is.

Generally, there could be many reasons for this error. Insufficient memory, corrupted files etc.
hope this helps.