Developer getting Java Out of Memory error when trying to save flows

We are getting Java Out of Memory errors when we try to save flows in Developer. We have increased the Java memory already in the developer.bat, but Developer still crash with “out-of-memory” error for large packages. The largest package we have has almost 1 Mbyte size.

Note: I am using my laptop for local development, but this also happens when I am using a Unix server (which has double memory and more CPU power).

Question: how can I setup Developer to avoid this issue? Is this a bug in webMethods Developer? Is there a fix or patch for this problem? Appreciate any help or suggestion!

Here are the details about my environment:
webMethods Integration Server Version 4.6 Updates IS_4-6_FIX_9 Build Number 939, SSL Strong (128-bit)
Developer Version 4.6.1 (943)

“%JAVA_ROOT%\bin\java” -ms16M -mx128M -classpath %CLASSPATH% “%B2B_ROOT%”\lib\integrator.jar “%B2B_ROOT%”\updates “%B2B_ROOT%”\bin\runintegrator.bat sun “%JAVA_ROOT%\bin\java” -Xms256M -Xmx512M -Xminf0.15 -Xmaxf0.2 -Xincgc : -debug 4 %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9 ? %CLASSPATH%;%ADDCLASSES%
CALL “%B2B_ROOT%”\bin\runintegrator.bat


Virtual memory size setup in Windows 2000: 1024M

Machine COMPAQ ARMADA E500, 800 MHz CPU, 512 Mbytes of RAM and something around 5 Gbytes of disk space free

You can edit the integrator.bat file to increase your memory.

So the beginning of the line that you want to edit looks like this (you can use a larger value if you need to):
“%JAVA_ROOT%\bin\java” -ms256M -mx256M -classpath %CLASSPATH% etc,etc…The .exe seems to pick up these new settings (you don’t have to run the bat to start the developer, you can still run the .exe)