Developer does not start from TN console

I try to open developer from TN Console to set up the execute service. but the developer does not start. got following error

Error starting the Developer. Contact Server Administrator

Webmethods on 6.0.1 version with SP2 , WIN2000, SQL Server2000
I checked console.bat file, for the path of the developer. – looks ok

IS this error you are seeing first time?
Try restarting the TN Console and browse the developer services in the PRule/Action.It should allow you to browse if user logged on have Admin ACL’s.See how it behaves now.

hi RMG, i have the same issue…i followed your suggestion but still get the same error :frowning:

any idea ?

open console.cnf file in tnConsole\config.
Check the dev.installrootpath parameter in the file. Set this to path of your developer.

For ex,
dev.installrootpath=e:\Program Files\webMethods6/Developer


Try above mentioned solutions,it should work now.


i checked the console.cnf file…it is alreadt pointing to the path for the Developer.

having said that.i am still out of lucks :frowning:


Iam facing same problem,developer is not opening from TNConsole.I checked developer path in tnconsole, there is no wrong.Tell me what is wrong.

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