Developer and Java 1.5

Does anyone know if WM Developer (with 6.5sp2) can use Java 1.5?
If so how does one configure it to do so.


If you want Developer itself to run with the 1.5 JVM, set it inside the Developer/bin/developer.bat file.

If what you meant however was compiling java services with java 1.5 that is not done on Developer, all java compilation is done remotely on the IS.

You can set this in the Extended settings

watt.server.compile=/webMethods/jvm/hp150/bin/javac -classpath {0} -d {1} {2}

Or where ever your JVM is located.

I’m confirming. IS 6.5 and Developer 6.5 both with sp2 are working on Java 5, but on Java 6 not.
Developers from WM deliver this “compatibility” with JRE 1.5 by cutting some classes (i.e. Crimson XML parser) from JRE 1.4.2 and ambeding them in client.jar/server.jar. Very funny approach.

“Very funny approach.”

How so?

That is what we were hoping to achieve. Compiling Java code in Developer using Java 1.5. We did get that working - thanks!

OK, I’m sorry.
This classes from JRE and J2EE was also in previous versions.

It sems to me that You can even use Sun JDK 6 (I’m testing on JDK 6u3 now), but You must add java/javaw parameter


to Your Developer.bat or server.bat files and IS and Developer start running also on Java 6 :).

I’m not sure only if this configuration is supported by webMethods company in 6.5sp2 products - who knows something about it?

Java 5 and 6 working fine: Developer and IntegrationServer from both webMethods versions 6.1 and 6.5 are starting on newest releases of JDK 1.5 and JDK 6 from Sun Microsystems (I’m working on win32-x86) also, but only with specific updates - here is a list:

Using JDK 6 remeber to add:
set JAVA6_ISSUE=-Dsun.lang.ClassLoader.allowArraySyntax=true

…\jdk\6\java.exe %JAVA6_ISSUE% …

I will be testing this configuration by the way, also on Linux 2.6 Kernel but in development environment only, and will inform You when discover something wrong.

My performance test on IntegrationServer 6.1sp2 (because our customers are still using this version) …

IntegrationServer start time:
JDK - 50s
JDK - 47s
JDK 6u3 - 37s !!

Simple synthetic test of 10 times invocation of service with 10000 times appendToDocumentList and simple mapping in REPEAT:
JDK - 53s
JDK - 44s
JDK 6u3 - 21s !!!

I will try to veryfy stability and outstanding performance of Java 6 it with real services, and let You all know.