Developer 7.x - will it work with IS 6.x?

Does anyone know if I will be able to use the Developer 7.x based tools (ecplipse) to connect to the 6.x Integration Server?

I am not sure I can take any more of this 6.x developer tool - its awful!

Looking forward to eclipse.

Yikes I just looked on advantage and developer 7.1 still seems to look like the old ugly tool? Where can I find more info on the eclipse stuff?

Developer 7.1 is still a non-eclipse based tool like in 6.5. I don’t think it’ll be able to connect to 6.5 though.
Btw, I disagree that it is an “ugly old” tool…

I’m sorry - I guess I’m just used to working with tools where copy & paste and all the usual windows shortcuts work, and where the UI actually works and is consistent.

That’s disappointing news about 7.1. Can’t see wM ever hitting the “bigtime” with tools like Developer! I can only imagine that Java/Unix developers have a much higher threshold for pain than Windows devs.