Developer 6.5, Unable to undo changes to a modified flow ser

Hello All,

Recently our developer tool was updated to 6.5 version from 6.0.1. I was trying to get used to the new version of tool and noticed a feature unavailable.

Following are sequence the steps that I follow to notice it:

  1. Lock a flow service
  2. Make couple of changes in the flow service (eg: disable a step)
  3. Decide that I don’t need that change. So want to undo (ctrl-Z) the change made in step 2. But I cannot do it, since the undo (ctrl-Z) option from edit menu is disabled.
  4. I believe that unlocking the service would discard the changes I made in step 2. So when I try to unlock the service, I get the pop up window with following message:

“The following elements will not be unlocked because there are changes that need to be saved:”

In my scenario described above, undoing the changes manually seem really easy. But what if I make numerous changes and don’t remember all the changes I made??

The discarding of the changes in a flow service was available in 6.0.1. Has this feature been removed from 6.5? Else, is there setting in preferences that I need to update for this feature to be available to me?

Any help regarding this is appreciated.