Developer 46 Positional Flat File


I’m fairly new to webMethods.
I’m trying to read a positional flat file with 3 types of records in, and map it to an XML file.
I don’t have the WmEDI, just the basics that came with Integration Server 4.6 and Developer( WmPublic, WmDB,WmSamples).
Is there a way to define a schema/template for the positional flat file, or just the painful way of using java services (getfile/bytesToString/tokenize) to get the file into a string list and write a java service to parse each line based on the record identifier?


Hi Ana - I don’t think wM provides many text parsing utilities outside the WmEDI adapter. You could use Java and Flow to do what you want though. It may also be possible to do the entire thing in flow - using the getFile service to read the file, then pub.string:tokenize, etc.

If you want to write (not read) an EDI document, it is easy doing that with the or pub.string:messageBuilder services.

Thanks Sonam.

Hello, I am new in the wM B2B Server. Does it possible to parse the expression stored in the text field. I have the configuration service where is created the table which contains the text fields and I would like to store there the regular expressions. Does it possible to parse these text fields ?