designer error

I have seen these before but not sure how to fix it. When we had a PS support person locally he would toggle something to fix it and then the error would go away - the errors I am getting are these:

“Target Value Binding” expression must resolve to either a PrincipalModelList, String, IURI or String

“Target Value Binding” expression must resolve to either a String, IURI or IPrincipalProvider

I think he used to copy these out of their location and just paste it back and it would go away but it isn’t working for me - does anyone else know how to get around these ?

do you have a principal picker dialog control in your view?
If you have it, check in its “Value” properties tab. If you have set “Multiple” to true, then the target value binding should point as well to an Array or List property.

Hope this helps,

I believe there was a bug specifically for Principal Picker that even though everything is setup correctly it still was complaining with these errors.

You can safely ignore them, they should not prevent from deploying and using your application


Try refreshing the Bindings view and then revalidate the view reporting the errors (the green checkbox in the view toolbar).

Thanks - refreshing the bindings view - and then cutting the value and pasting it back caused this to go away.

I know this bug has been around awhile - is there any priority to fix it or just known workaround?